Vol XI


The Cloth Cap: A Dangerous Marxist Tool!

An Editorial Cartoon Of Some Insighte

Gentlemenne, this is a gentlemanne's monthly pictorial, and as such is intended for the viewing of only the finest of the gentry of the Empire. However, a threat emerges from that cursed class that was once referred to by the renowned German radical, Marx, as the proletariat. Men and boys of these underclasses have been seen emerging from their unctuous slums with headware of their own. Allow me to ingrain this to you, my gentlemannely reader, hats are for gentlemenne, not for the gentry, not urchins, or Queen Victoria forgive us, women.

I have illustrated this pointe with an editorial cartoon of some insighte.

May I enunciate, dear reader, that this is a condition that cuts to the centre of all this magazine stands for. When my grandfather, the Gentle Manne of Publishing founded this periodical in 1649 as an excuse to beat out the Catholics, he did so with a dream. He wanted to see faireste Brittania as a poisiant manifestation of everything gentlemannely. I seek to carry out the documenting of this dream using this publication.

Furtheremore I seek to elevate that most gentle mannely of objects to constant international appreciation. I refer of course, to the hat. The noble item that Shakespeare wrote of "Those without hats die many times before their deaths. He who wears a hat tastes death but once." It elongates the form, defines the figure, and is the property of the purest gent. This magazine is for you gents that appreciate the value of pureste quality.

The Gentle Manne Of Leisure