Vol XI


Gentlemanne's Hat Classifieds

Herein we display a wealth of the finest hats to offer. You can peruse this tableaux of hatly goodness that is equal to anything mankind has created in terms of beauty and wonder. Prices available upon request.

A Modern Hat
A modern hat, to be worn by either the destitute or the gaudiest of chaps; The Hat of Mr Wilde.
A Wonderous Hat
A bold and dangerous hat, worn by junior Marxists. Shameful and despicable. The flaps keep ones ears toasty.
A Menacing Hat
A front on view of this head based menace to society. We gentlemenne do not endorse this hat in any form.
A Smiling Hat
Feeling like the Barbary is just a day's cruise around the horn? Then this hat you see before you, is not for you. You scoundrel.
A Smelly Hat
Worn back, this is the perfect hat to accompany any gente on his Sunday stroll about his shire.
A Hatlike Hat
Lord Elmesmeres new hat-face style has yet to capture the social pages eye.
A Fine Hat
The finest of all our hats is shown herein: The Top Hat of The Duke of Nottinghamshire.
A Quality Hat
I would trade 20 hats for a hat of such wondrous craftmanship. The Hat of Mr Jones.
A Pleasant Hat
A fine hat, a fine hat indeed. Here we present the Bowler of the Blind Earl of Outer Saxony.
A Dowdy Hat
Rather dowdy, but for those that seek charm of the country this is indeed a hat of style.
A Cursed Hat
BEWARE! This hat be cursed by Redbeard the Pirate. Wearers will suffer from occasional spontaneous jigging and jiving.
A Jolly Hat
This wide brimmer may note be for all, but wear it to excite the ladies of London until they wave their socks in your direction.
A Fashionable Hat
Gaudy perhaps it is, but this is the hat of one of the finest Yankee landowners, Mr Carlson. A statement of fashion indeed.
A Disgusting Hat
Among the worst pieces of headware ever to be featured in these pages. The cap of the Slovenly Lord Aberdeen.
A Frightening Hat
Aberdeen's cap is shown here again, to be worn only by those of ill breeding and other loathsome men.