The Three Monkeys


Hacking Without A Face

Cian Jordan investigates what the hacktavist movement has to tell us about the internet of today. He explores the history of the movement and interviews people that have been involved or been invited to associate with the group. He explains the positive and negative influence the movement has on the internet in general and the motivations of its members. Read More

Access Denied

A screenshot of the Pirate BayA censored laptopSecret Pretty Ponies Eircom have buckled under pressure from record label tycoons and have censored the alleged copyright infringed website "The Pirate Bay". This drastic action has led to the major record companies appealing to internet providers such as UPC to take the same course of action but to little avail. This unfavourable decision by the internet provider has not gone down well with clients. Find Out More

Parental Control

A paper beside a monitorA censored paper beside a monitorSecret Enchanting Ponies Web filters and censors can be a godsend to worrying parents in ensuring protection for their children. However they can be the exact opposite for academic students and teachers alike attempting to work on projects within an educational institution. The reliability and effectiveness of certain censors are questionable on whether they are needed or just hinder educational achievement. Continue Reading

Surfing In The Deep

A normal keyboardA keyboard with keys pulled outSecret Iridescent Ponies In his ongoing inquest into how best for web users to protect their privacy in the modern world Stephen Leonard explores the Deep Web, a location known for drug trading, child pornography and software piracy. But can such an environment actually help people protect their own anonymity and keep their information from prying eyes when used legitimately? Read on

The Great Firewall of China

A picture of a man blocking several tanks by standing in front of themA picture of a Google logo in ChinaSecret Shocked Ponies While China is the economic poster boy of the world, it unbelievably lags behind most other countries in terms of internet freedoms. Here, Stephen Leonard explores The Golden Shield project, the largest firewall in the world. He also looks at how social networking can be used to bypass internet censorship and how this was used to great effect during the Iranian Protests of 2009 and the Arab Spring. Keep Reading