The Three Monkeys

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Cian Jordan

Cian Jordan has been researching web censorship for the past eight years. He first became interested in the topic in his youth, when he and several friends set up a private network for anonymous file sharing. Since then Cian has been a major authority in the world media on censorship, particularly online. The main aim of his writing is to explore how personal information and privacy can be protected by the average web user without requiring too much technical know how.

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Martina Browne

Martina Browne is an active blogger and is constantly on forums and social networking sites engaging in conversation about continuous changes in censorship law. Martina likes to study and write about internet rights in relation to censorship and conduct research on awareness of the issue in schools and homes alike. Constantly changing copyright laws in Ireland of particular interest to her. The purpose of her writings is to evaluate the effectiveness of web censors and filters under different circumstances and to inform people of the pros and cons of the usage of such systems.

A photo of Olympic Kickboxing Champion and Nobel Prize Winner Stephen LeonardA photo of Stephen Leonard covering his mouthA secret photo representation of Olympic Kickboxing Champion and Nobel Prize Winner Stephen Leonard

Stephen Leonard

As a young man, Stephen Leonard's interest in web censorship and activism originated from an unpleasant experience he had in a Chinese internet cafe. Feeling strongly about what happened, Stephen joined up with the other memebers of 'The Three Monkeys' in order to inform people of world what kinds of information crimes were being committed on their fellow people of the world. He believes that everybody on the Earth has a natural duty to ensure the free movement of information and thoughts across the most powerful modern medium, the internet.